16 December 2012

Training week of 12/10-12/16

With a slight pain in the left knee still,  I decide to hold off one more week before resuming run training.  I figure with the racing I'm planning on for 2013 there's no need to rush back into training.  This also allows me to focus more on strength training as 2012 closes out.

Monday: 90+ minute spin through the hills of San Marcos
Strength: 5 x 20 Russian KB Swing 53# w. 1:30 rest, 5 x 15 Goblet Squat 53# w. 1:30 rest, 5 x 10 Bulgarian Bag Shoulder to Spin (5l/5r) 36# w. 1:00 rest, 5 x 5 Good Morning w. Bulgarian Bag 36# w. 1:00 rest.

Tuesday: Strength only DB Press 5-5-5-5-5 (35# set 1-3, 40 set 4 & 5) rest 5 minutes then, 10:00 AMRAP 10 KB Swing(russian), 10 Burpee, 10 Sit Up (first Met-Con in months) 6 rounds + 3 KBSwing.

Wednesday: 1:40 Ride through Encinitas into Rancho Santa Fe and back.  Tough climbs in these parts. Stretch and ice.

Thursday: Strength : Back to basics Deadlift 5 x 5 @ 155 (first time pulling from the floor since late September or early October).
Conditioning: AirDyne Max Cal 10 x :30/:30 (still trying to wrap my head around 300 cal in 10:00.  How people average 424 watts for 10:00 is unimaginable right now.  Some day!)
Yoga: Yoga Tropics in Encinitas 60 minutes Warm.

Friday: Strength : Thruster (DE) 65# 4 EMOM for 8:00 then 3 rounds 10 Wall Ball 18#, 15 Slam Ball C & J, 20 Push up (hand release)

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 2:05 Ride through Encinitas into San Elijo, lots of climbing fueled by the soothing sounds of Hi-Fi Mystery School.  Definitely felt my knee on some of the steeper climbs today.

All in all it was a solid week of training but after three weeks of from running I'm certainly ready to start logging some miles again.

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