24 December 2012

Training 12/17 - 12/23

Monday: Strength : Pull up 5 x 5, Single Arm Row 5 x 10, Step up 2 x 20, Bent over row (straight bar) 5 x 15, Sit up 5 x 25 (circuit style not for time)
Run : 1 mile warm up, 800 in's & out's (Progressive straight away, walk the turn), Technique Drills.  10 x 100 meter run with 100 meter walking recovery.  1 mile cool down & stretch.

Tuesday: Strength : Press 5 x 5, 65# - 5 x's 10 DB Hang Power Clean, 10 DB Front Squat, 10 DB Push Press @ 25#
Run : 4.5 miles along the coast in Encinitas

Wednesday: 1h:43m ride, from Encinitas to San Marcos

Thursday: Strength : Deadlift (DE) 4 EMOM for 7:00 @ 135# - 3 x's 80m Farmer Carry w. 40# DB, 20 Step up 24", 20 KB Swing 53#
Run: 48:00 on the coast in Encinitas, the running legs are coming back, felt good to run again. knee pain was minor. Running slow hurts, simple run faster!

Friday: Strength Front Squat : 5 x 5 @ 155# then Tabata (8x :20/:10) Airdyne rest 4 minutes, Bottom to Top Squat resting in the bottom position.

Saturday: Run : Track 10 x 200 in :36-:34 (fast running = no knee pain)

Sunday: 1h:00m run around Encinitas Ranch (2.2 mile loop in reverse)

All in all it was a good week.  I know my body will thank me down the road but after three weeks off from running I felt pretty shitty running those first few runs.  Glad to be back on it and look forward to the SD Trail Marathon at the end of Jan.  The plan is to use it as a hard long run but you know how the goes once you toe the line and the gun is fired.  My self control will be tested.  Another good opportunity to practice race fueling.  Merry Christmas and here's to a healthy, happy productive 2013!

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