29 June 2009

Quote of the Day

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.
Henry Ford

26 June 2009

Evolution Nutrition Tip

Want a quick and easy way to lose weight and save some money?
Stop and for a minute and think about your daily fluid intake. Better yet write it down. Keep a daily journal of your fluid intake for one week. You might be a little surprised at the amount of calories you consume through fluids. Recent studies show that the average adult american consumes over 21% of all total calories from fluids, double of what is was in the 1960's. According to the USDA General Survey of 2008 - 2009 the average American eats 4,270 calories a day. Thats 897 calories from fluids.

While you're keeping your journal make sure to make a note each time you stop at a convenience to get a drink even if it's a bottle of water. Were you surprised at the amount of calories and money you were wasting on your fluid intake? It adds up and fast. Here's Evolution Nutrition Tip #1 Get yourself a reusable water bottle, start drinking more water, and cut out the convenience store stops. I guarantee you'll notice a difference in your waistline and your wallet.

Quote of the Day

I like running because it's a challenge. If you run hard, there's the pain - and you've got to work your way through the pain. You know, lately it seems all you hear is? Don't overdo it' and? Don't push yourself.' Well, I think that's a lot of bull. If you push the human body, it will respond."
- Bob Clarke, Philadelphia Flyers

24 June 2009

Suples Training

Suples Training Bag are designed by Bulgarian Olympian Ivan Ivanov who now lives in the United Stated training U.S. Olympic hopefuls. Don't be fooled by all the wrestlers, Suples Bags can be used by all. Suples range in size from 11 lbs. - 50 lbs. I highly recommend that if you're looking for a change of pace from the gym that you try a Suples workout. Stay tuned I'll be posting Suples Training tips all summer.

Quote of the Day

“Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

23 June 2009

Quote of the Day

There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or out. There's no such thing as a life in-between.
Pat Riley

22 June 2009

20 June 2009

Quote of the Day

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.
It knows that it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.
It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle
when the sun comes up you'd better be running.

Ab Circuit

The following is an Ab Circuit that I picked up about a year ago. I like it because it's quick, simple, can be done anywhere and most important you'll see results. If your just starting out I would recommend doing each exercise for 20 -30 seconds. As you progress and adapt increase 5 - 10 seconds every three to four weeks. Focus on full range of motion and go slow.

Navy Seals



Heel Touch

Finish of the circuit with another set of the Navy Seals

18 June 2009

Push-Up Variety

After you've mastered the Vern Gambetta perfect push-up you may want to try some different variations of hand and feet placement.

Decline Push-Up

Incline Push-Up

Race Report

Evolution trained athlete Craig Segal recently finished 2nd at the George Sheehan Classic. Below is Craig's race report.

George Sheehan Classic – June 13th
Red Bank, NJ
Overall time: 25:27
2nd place overall
Coming off of a solid effort at the Spring Lake 5 miler, I had high hopes for the George Sheehan Classic. Prior to the race, I had similar expectations as I had before Spring Lake – break 25 minutes and/or win the race. I have had a solid 3 weeks of training since the last race, and believe that these goals were well within reach. That said, as all long distance/endurance athletes know, not every race will go as planned, nor do you always feel your best at every race. This unfortunately was the case with Sheehan this year.
After a 5:30 AM wake up, I had my regular English muffin with peanut butter and a cup of cereal, along with my Multi V vitamin. After finishing up breakfast, I mixed up some Gatorade Endurance, and sipped on it up until the race. I headed over the Nick’s place at around 6:15 and we got in to Red Bank around 7:00. After meeting up with coach and friend Rich Airey, the three of us headed out for an easy 20 minute warm-up. Throughout the warm-up the three of us noticed how humid it was, and that it was getting hotter as the start time approached. After finishing up the warm-up, both Nick and I did some stretching and strides in a parking lot before heading over to the start.
After a short jog over to the starting line, both Nick and I were ready to go. As is the case with many of the local races, you are never 100% certain about who is going to show up. As the race got under way, the front lead pack was narrowed down to six competitors, two of which were Nick and I. Both of us sat off of the pace for the first mile or so, feeling out the other runners in the pack. We came through the first mile in about 4:58 or so.
As we headed towards mile 2, Nick went to the front and started to gap the field a bit. Although the pace was not fast at all, I felt as though I couldn’t get into a groove, nor could I really respond. This early on, my legs felt a bit sluggish, and fatigued. As we rolled through two miles in 9:58, the race looked as follows – Nick a bit out front, with myself and two other runners in the chase pack. I knew I was not feeling my best, but I wanted to make sure I put forth an honest effort, and stick with the chase pack.
The race stayed pretty much the same as we came through mile third in around 15:10 and mile forth in 20:20, with Nick out front, and myself and one other competitor a bit behind. Running this course a number of times, I wanted to sit with the chase pack until the forth mile and the make a surge up Tower Hill, the only real challenging hill on the five mile course. Even though I was not having a good day, I still stuck to this plan and made a move up the hill and gapped the other runners in the chase pack and finished the race up in 2nd place (25:27).
Post Race:
After taking in some water, and a short walk back to the car, Nick, Rich and I headed out for an easy 30 minutes around Red Bank for our cool down. Once we got back, I took in a mix of orange Endurox R4 and water and we finished up with some easy stretching.
Reflecting back on the race, I am extremely pumped for Nick and how his race panned out. He has battled injuries for the past four years, and has been on and off with consistent training over that period of time. I am glad to see that he is back on course.
As for how my race went, while although I am disappointed with the race itself, and how I felt during it, I still can take away positives from the effort. Even though I did not feel my best, and probably ran about the worst I could have run for my fitness level, I was still able to run sub 25:30 (faster than I ran to win this race last year). Looking forward, I am still confident in my fitness and the direction it is going. This race has shown me that even though you can prepare to the fullest, you can still going to have “off” days. That said, the great thing about our sport is the ability to walk away from a disappointing race, and start the next race with a clean slate. Every time you step to the line, you have the chance to forget about previous races, good or bad, and focus solely on the immediate opportunity to excel.

Quote of the Day

Qui audet adipiscitur - Who Dares Win

17 June 2009

The Real Perfect Push-Up

About ten years ago I was fortunate enough to attend a clinic that Vern Gambetta spoke at. At the time I had no idea who Vern was. Lucky for me the person I was with did. I learned a great deal in that hour, some of which I still incorporate into my daily training. One of those was his explanation on how to do a proper push-up. To often I see people doing improper push-ups, so I figured I pass along what I learned from Mr. Gambetta.

The key is hand placement, try to keep your hands as close to your body as you can.

Start in a Prone Handstand.

Remembering not to compromise your plank pose on the way down

Or on the way back up.

And always strive for full range of motion!

Quote of the Day

Remember yesterday and hope for tomorrow but live for today.

16 June 2009

Core Strength

I hear more and more people talking about core strength everyday.  I am firm believer in core strength and all its benefits.  The key to developing a strong core is proper posture in all poses.  The longer you can hold each pose the better.  If you are just starting to build your core I would recommend you try to hold each pose for 15-30 seconds.  Remember the key is good posture.

Prone Handstand

Supine Handstand

Lateral Handstand

Prone Elbowstand

Supine Elbowstand

Lateral Elbowstand