13 March 2013

The Vine of the Soul...

Back in 2002 when I was traveling in Europe I had a guide from Belgium that spoke nine languages and when she wasn't traveling through Europe in the summer she was doing the same through South America in the winter.  Since that time it has been a goal of mine to make it to South America.  Back then I didn't really have a reason other then it would make a epic trip.  In early 2011, I started watching Ancient Aliens and I became a obsessed with Peru.  Then in August 2011, I listened to Aubrey Marcus on the  Joe Rogan Experience as he explained his experience in the Amazon with an Ayahuasca Shaman.  I was mesmerized as he detailed his account of his journey with the visionary plant medicine. From that point my goal of traveling to Machu Picchu was put on hold and my focus switched to having a vision quest in the Amazon Jungle.


Now my vision quest is becoming a reality.  On April 1, I will journey to Peru and I will be heading into the Amazon to attend a 12 day Shipibo Ayahuasca retreat in Iquitos, Peru.  In the weeks leading up to my departure I will be documenting my preparation for this journey.