31 August 2010

Tuesday 8/31 workout

6:30 am. I headed over to the local track to attack my schedule workout for the day. Today's workout again came from the Crossfit Endurance site but today I decided to combine both WOD's into one session. Again like yesterday my handy Suples Bag was used as a substitute, today it took the place of a 1.5 pood kettle bell. I also upped the bag size from 26 lbs. to 36 lbs. Push offs were subbed in for the pull ups because there is no pull up, set up at the track. I started with 15 minutes of active warm up that included various form drills mixed in with 100 meter strides picking up speed as the warm up progressed. After 15 minutes my sweat was rolling and the heart was pumping time to get after it. The first part of the workout consisted of 3 rounds of run 400 meters, 21 power snatches w/ 36 lb. Suples Bag, 12 push offs, continuos and as fast as possible. Total time for 3 rounds was 8:57, the hardest part being the 21 power snatches . I took equal time on my recovery before I started the second part of the workout, which was a Tabata sprint. Without getting to off track, Tabata intervals are 20 second periods of intense work (in my case today it happened to be a run some days it can be body squats) followed by 10 second periods of rest, done eight times. Its the most intense 4 minutes of exercise you'll ever experience. The CFE site recommend 3+ hours of recovery in between these session but because of my time constraints today I decided to do them both in one session. I am now fully aware as to why they recommend this practice. Right from the first 20 second interval I could feel how taxed my legs and knew it was going to be a painful 4 minutes. The great thing about a Tabata session is that it only takes 4 minutes and I know I can suffer for 4 minutes. After I completed my last 20 second sprint I walked 400 meters and followed that up with an easy 1600 meter jog to complete my cool down. Feeling good I headed off to meet my morning clients.

After finishing up with my clients I had some free time so I decided I hit another quick workout. The workout consisted of 3 round of 10 burpees, 20 box jumps, 40 double unders. When the smoke had cleared and the clock was stopped, it read 9:16. All in all it was a solid day of training and I'm looking to what tomorrow has in store.

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