29 August 2010

8/29 workout

This morning I attended a free hour yoga class at lululemon athletica this am. That's right I said FREE! If you are into yoga and into things that are free I would highly recommend you check it out. You may also want to check out some of their gear. Clothes made for working out but also functional as lifestyle wear.

After yoga I headed over to Holmdel Park to do my run. Today's workout consisted of 12 x 1 minute hard running w. 30 seconds recovery. The goal was to consistently cover the same distance during each and every interval. I would say I was successful in reaching my goal, 11-12 stung but I got through it. Most of the time when I run fast I try to focus on my form and my mechanics, it helps take my mind off how crummy I feel. The only thing I can't seem to get a hold of is the way my right foot strikes the ground. No matter what shoes I have on. The second I start to move the pace along I get the worst hot spot on the outside of my forefoot. I've gotten a few new shoe suggestions to try so hopefully one of those will help my problem. I warmed up with a light 8 minute jog followed by a few form drills to help activate my hamstrings and finished with an easy 2 mile cool down. After my cool down I completed a few of the Mobility WOD I picked up from Kelly Starrett's blog.

Feeling a little beat I decided to postpone this afternoons strength session until tomorrow morning before practice.

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