11 September 2009

Pier Village5k

Race Report for 9/7/09

Here it is, the long awaited race report from the Pier Village 5k. The day started out like most race days do, with nerves and butterflies. With my ipod jamming to Radio 538's DJ Dennis Ruyer I made my way to LB trying to enjoy the music and just relax. Once in LB I made my way to the registration table got my number, checked out the course map and headed back to the car so I could start my warm up.

The course was a simple out and back along the beach. The conditions were great with a constant 10 mph wind out of the northeast. I did my warm up on the course because I wanted to check out the impact of the wind running in both directions. I knew the wind would be at my back for the first mile and a half and wanted to run as controlled as possible on the way out. Finishing up my warm the wind didn't really seem to be much of a factor but I still wanted to stick to the plan and run controlled through the turn around. As always I finished up my warm up with 2 x 30 second pick ups, I do these just to remind my mind and body that were here to race. On the warm up I felt about I good as I've felt in a long time and knew I was ready for a god performance. After a quick pit stop I headed to the car to finish with an active warm up and some strides.

I decided that to ensure a controlled opening mile, I would start a few rows back of the front line. I got a good laugh when two women standing in front of me at the line chatted about hopes of breaking 24 minutes. Shouldn't people know better? If you're not fast don't start in the front! After about ten minute of standing around not being able to hear the race director we finally got going. As I started to get rolling a gave a quick look at my Garmin to check my pace, saw I was dead on and just tried to keep my eyes up and be patient. As I approached the first mile it appeared I was a little fast but the mile mark was a little sort (.98) and I cruised through at 5:17. As I headed to the turn around, I prepared myself for the wind on the return to the finish. The wind hadn't pick up since the start but it certainly seemed as if it did once I made the turn. As I got to two miles (1.02 in 5:21) the wind was starting to beat me up mentally a little. Luckily, some of my former MU runners and current RBR team was there for support and I got the boost to keep me tough through the rest of the race. As the finish approached I could see the clock and new I had a good one going. I reminded myself to stay loose and focused on running fast not hard. I crossed the line in 10th with a time of 16:40 (1;13 in 6:05). It was 14 seconds faster then my last 5k in August. Going in I told myself I could be pleased with 16:45 so for now 16:40 is a very good day. Although I was very happy with my time improvement I was most pleased with how even a pace I ran the entire race averaging 5:20 per mile.

Next up will be the Newport Liberty Half Marathon in Jersey City, September 27.

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